WCC Agreement Guidelines


1. We prefer all food to be prepared at registered food premises, such as restaurants and other food shops. Preparation of food in a domestic kitchen (such as your own home) is not recommended.

2. Food must be purchased and prepared as close as possible to the time of the event. If prepared the night before, all readily perishable food must be refrigerated at a temperature of 4 degrees C or below.

3. Food must be transported and stored on site in covered containers and cold-stored in a refrigerator or chilly bin at 4 degrees C or below, or hot- stored at 60 degrees C or above. It is recommended that you use a thermometer to check the temperature of the food to ensure it meets those requirements.

4. Food must be stored at least 450mm above the ground. You may need to bring a separate table.

5. For public safety, no cooking unit is allowed to face the public or be accessible to the public. Stallholders using open fires (eg BBQs) must have access to a fire extinguisher or fire blanket.


6. Preparation of food at the event, as distinct from cooking food, must be kept to a minimum.

7. People handling food must wear appropriate protective clothing to protect the food from contamination by their clothes and/or hair.

8. People handling food must regularly wash their hands. The following are to be available at the food stall: supply running water, collection bucket for dirty water, liquid soap and paper towels and a good supply of protective gloves.

9. People preparing and cooking food should not handle money.

10. Containers of food must be covered to prevent any contamination by dust, flies, birds, animals, etc and uncovered only for the minimum amount of time needed for cooking and sale.

11. Cooked food, or vegetables eaten raw (lettuce, grated carrot etc) must not come into contact with raw meats or any surfaces or utensils used to prepare raw meats.

12. Ensure you have enough cooking utensils (tongs, spoons, knives etc). Bring to bring more than you think you may need so that you have spares if some get contaminated, dropped onto the ground, etc

13. Ensure all hot food is placed in a food warmer after cooking, or served immediately. Keep readily perishable food hot (at or above 60 degrees C) or cold (at or below 4 degrees C). It is recommended you use a thermometer to check the temperature.

14. Ensure you have enough ice to keep food cold in chilly bins, etc, throughout the event.

15. Only single-service containers are permitted for public use (disposable plates, cups, knives, forks, etc).

16. Stallholders are required to have ready access to toilets, and to running water for hand-washing and cleaning utensils.

17. All rubbish must be kept in bins with plastic liners and removed from the site at the end of the day or as they get full.

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