Cultural Entertainment – Terms & Conditions

Sunday 12th February 2017, Queens Wharf, Wellington, NZ

All Participants must read and agree to these Terms & Conditions by clicking the appropriate option on the Online Registration form.

 Conditions of Festival Participation 

  1. The Festival is a family event and celebrates the Chinese culture.
  2. Political or religious messages of any form will not be permitted, including displays and handouts.
  3. AET/Event Organisers reserves the right to request removal of signage/material considered inappropriate.
  4. Imagery (eg photos, video) taken during Festival events are the property of AET/Event Organisers and may be used for promotional or marketing purposes.
  5. AET/Event Organisers reserve the right to select groups and level of participation based on the response numbers received, to ensure a wide and diverse representation of the community.
  6. The Group Leader or a Representative must attend the mandatory pre-Festival WCC Health & Safety Information meeting and report back to their group – date to be confirmed.
  7. All Participants should be aware of the Terms & Conditions outlined here, and comply fully with the all instructions from AET/Event Organisers on the day.
  8. Groups refusing to comply with AET/Event Organisers will be removed from the Festival.
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